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We are dedicated to keeping your jobsite clean and organized. We "make it nice" by cleaning up tools, materials, dust, and more on a regular, steady basis. Close to every evening or at the end of a work day you can be sure that we are cleaning up and organizing the jobsite to be ready for the next day.

(480) 550-8933


Instead of having a "just finish the job" mentality, we have a "make it nice" mentality and this applies to making your job look the best it possibly can. We go the extra mile from precision tile cutting, to making sure your mirror, cabinet, or window is perfectly level. From beautifully aligned tile niches to floor leveling systems. You may have heard the motto "go the extra mile"?? Well that motto is fully encompassed when we "make it nice"!!!


On our jobsites we "make it nice" by being safety conscience in all that we do. For example, rather than using an extension ladder to replace a second story window or to drywall a high vaulted ceiling, we use sturdy metal scaffolding. Our scaffolding has sturdy outriggers and adjustable legs that enable it to be stabilized and provide a safer working environment while on the jobsite.

While maybe not seeming like as big of a deal as scaffolding, we "make it nice" by being safe for you and us on the jobsite. How? During unique times like the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, we value your health and safety as well as ours by wearing masks on your project and staying socially distanced. At other times we value safety by things such as always double and triple checking water and electrical connections to ensure they are sealed and safe!


Have you ever had companies come in and demo leaving dust everywhere? We "make it nice" by spending quality time setting up and preparing before any demo. This includes laying down tarps, plastic, or even sheets of heavy-duty floor protection like "Ram Board". Then securing and taping plastic around dust sensitive areas like kitchen cabinets and closets. After that comes heavy duty HEPA filters that suction the dust from the air, trap it in large filters, and then pump the air outside. 

When all three of these methods are applied, the work space gains what is called "negative pressure". This means that because the air is being pumped outside, there is less air pressure inside of the workspace. The dust then is less likely to try to escape to high pressure areas (the other parts of the house). This results in a cleaner home, less dust, and a healthier work environment!

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"Make it nice"

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For many years my older brother (who is also in construction) has always encouraged his employees and me and my sons to "make it nice". This phrase denotes an entire work ethic and represents so much of what makes us the perfect fit for your home remodeling needs!

​When we are on your project we strive to "make it nice" in all of our work. This includes running, where possible, large HEPA air filters in tandem with complete plastic protection to ensure that the dust is being sucked out of the air before it invades the rest of your house!

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