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Excel Spreadsheets and Gnatt Charts

Once we have your vision firmly fixed in mind and selections picked out, we can start to input this information into Excel spreadsheets to organize and calculate costs. This enables us to quickly and efficiently compare costs and itemize your selections to draw up a budget and a contract.

After the contract has been signed we get right to work on our Gnatt charts. If you are like me, you may have completely forgotten about Gnatt charts from school. Yet, these charts help

Project planning

Gathering Accurate Laser Measurements


Chief Architect Rendering Software​

Using this software we can input all the information we gather to give you a very realistic render of what your project looks like before any work has been put into it. After the project has been rendered, we are able to adjust anything from walls, to cabinets, to tile in order to adapt and "remodel" the project digitally so that it reaches and exceeds your vision.

Once the final render is completed we are able to transfer the project from the computer to an iPad using Chief Architect's 3D Viewer app. This enables us to take your render onto your project and show you exactly what your project will look like as we walk through the project.

What is "Project Planning"?

Many people might think that a remodel or addition means that a contractor comes over to your proposed project, immediately understands your vision of what you want, and then comes the next day to start the project. This is how many HGTV shows might portray this process. However, a lot more is involved than what the TV shows hint at.

First, I meet with you, either in person or via videoconference, to consult with you about your vision of the project. This involves looking at the existing bathroom, kitchen, structure, etc, and then discussing the general idea of what will need to be done in order to achieve that vision. Oftentimes, the amount of work to accomplish that vision is more than initially meets the eye.

​Second, if conversation and quick pencil drawings are not quite enough to envision the final project, we can start working on a "design build". That means that we will come out to your project and gather information in order to render before and after "drawings" of what your project will look like. Some of the information we gather are pictures of your project, accurate laser measurements, advanced Lidar readings using an iPhone, and videos. Using this information our on-staff designer can render what your project currently looks like. After that, we use your input and ideas to "design build" your vision of the project!

"Make it Nice"

We know that your home is a major part of your life, especially during a pandemic year like 2020. It is our aim to "Make it Nice" in all aspects of your project from start to finish. We try to be as organized as possible to have as little impact on your life as we can. From discussing ideas, to project design, to drawing up contracts and plans, to getting your project under way, we will always "Make it Nice"!

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Reputation through Renovation

us to easily organize the workflow of your project. Whether it be slipping in a week to tile or planning a day for electrical, Gnatts charts help to easily see, organize, plan, and follow large projects such as whole house remodels or large additions.

Picture of Garrett Helmandollar (Shad Helmandollar's son) is wearing a white mask, HRC polo shirt, Jeans, Belt with a silver Belt Buckle, and Cowboy Boots. He is holding a handheld laser tape-measure and is gathering measurements to render and plan a new project.

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